Q: Why should I subscribe? Can’t I learn what I need from conferences, colleagues, internet searches, and hiring experts?

A: Live conferences: are amazingly helpful for meeting others who share common interests, but they can require significant time, and not all presentations may answer your specific questions. You may find a speaker who has critically important information, but, their ability to answer your questions may be limited by time and the nature of the live conference format. This can leave you with many unanswered questions. Well-meaning colleagues may have figured out what works for them, but that may not work for you. Internet searches: are (mostly) free, which is great, but content can be driven by market influences or other interests and can sometimes lack objectivity, diversity or credibility. The content may also not be peer-reviewed which is important for trustworthiness. You might find what you need, but you may also be led astray without all options explored and alternatives presented and explained. Hiring experts: Healthcare consultants and attorneys have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and can fully answer your questions, but the costs of engaging that expertise can be significant and sometimes hard to manage. Consulting experts and legal projects can grow and so do the costs. And, did you know enough before you hired your consultant or attorney to really understand where you are trying to go?  

Lofty Learning: Provides diverse insights and peer-reviewed educational content into U.S. healthcare private market solutions on a modestly-priced flat-fee annual basis. Subscribers can secure educational content focused on their specific interests, and, also learn about other points of views and alternative solutions. Educational content will not be based solely on one expert, but on a wide range of experts who will be interviewed or will deliver diverse and unique perspectives. Each live webinar will be recorded for later access and will include robust question and answer sessions so that subscribers may benefit from asking deeper expert insight. 


Q: Is Lofty Learning the same as hiring a healthcare expert or attorney?

A: No, Lofty Learning is an educational content provider. It does not require an advanced deposit (other than the modestly-priced paid annual subscription) or a legal retainer, does not require a conflicts check, does require the submission of your confidential information, does not charge per project or on a high hourly attorney rate, and only provides educational content via live and stored webinars. Lofty Learning is not a consultant, and does not provide legal advice. Lofty Learning strives to educate subscribers sufficiently on compliance solutions so that subscribers can make more intelligent decisions on their projects, armed with advanced data and information, to assist its subscribers to become better consumers of healthcare consulting and legal products as needed. 


Q: Will legal or healthcare consulting advice be delivered during the Lofty Learning webinars?

A: No, only education content is provided. However, the data acquired can assist subscribers who may hire healthcare consultants and attorneys. These subscribers can benefit by more effectively using further legal or healthcare consulting because they may better understand the compliance solutions they seek as well as the alternatives.


Q: Will Lofty Learning webinars only deal with legal compliance? That sounds boring….

A: No! Webinars will address small business start-up and operations, marketing and how to trigger increased demand, alternative solutions and variable pricing options, success (and failure) stories from the battlefield of U.S. healthcare innovation, and more. While compliance solutions will form the primary learning material through a wide range of topics, delivered by Jim and other expert guests, Lofty Learning will seek to offer additional edifying content aimed at the professional learner who desires a more robust array of uplifting content.


Q: Can I hire Lofty Learning?

A: No. We only accept subscribers for an annual offering of educational webinar content.


Q: How often will Lofty Learning live webinars be offered?

A: Lofty Learning will deliver at least one (1) live webinar per month. The goal is to eventually have weekly live webinar offerings with an array of guest experts.


Q: What if I try Lofty Learning for a couple months and decide to discontinue my subscription—can I get my money back?

A: Lofty Learning tried to formulate a pro-rata refund option, but realized that since an entire library of content can be exposed with annual subscription, allowing for pro-rata refunds would be counter-productive. Based on the modestly-priced annual subscription, our content is far less costly than live conferences dealing with the same or similar content. In fact, the annual Lofty Learning subscription fee can deliver more informative content in just one (1) webinar with robust questions and answers, which is why we believe the Lofty Learning is more than valuable at the reduced annual subscription rate. Lofty Learning in time will have a library of content available that vastly exceeds what one conference or consultant/attorney consult can deliver at a fraction of the price.


Q: I am a healthcare consultant, expert, or attorney: how can I be interviewed by Lofty Learning during a live webinar or otherwise participate?

A: Lofty Learning is excited to reach out to thought leaders and experts, just make initial contact with us via email at: speaker@loftylearning.com.


Q: I’d like to partner with Lofty Learning, I’m connected with a conference provider and I’d like to promote more robust compliance and innovation education, how can I connect with Lofty Learning on a win-win basis?

A: We have partnering models available for conferences and non-profits seeking to work with us. Just contact us at sales@loftylearning.com.


Q: Can I have a confidential question and answer session during a live Lofty Learning webinar? And can I communicate during a webinar question and answer session on an anonymous or confidential basis?

A: No, and, Lofty Learning cannot protect the confidentiality of anything any subscriber communicates during a webinar question and answer session, or the identity of the anyone electing to communicate during a webinar. Lofty Learning will not sell or disseminate information regarding subscribers to any third party, but cannot protect the confidentiality of a subscriber who voluntarily opts to communicate during a webinar question and answer session. Any information shared during a webinar will be part of the recording and will be available to other subscribers. That said, we believe that one of the strongest value propositions of the live webinars is the inclusion of questions and answers. We expect subscribers will ask good questions of our main presenter and other experts, and we expect those exchanges will have significant value to other subscribers.