Jim Eischen started to lecture on private direct healthcare compliance solutions 9 years ago, and has since become a featured private direct healthcare conference speaker for a wide range of physician and healthcare innovation topics.

What Jim discovered is that there is a massive need for guidance on U.S. private direct healthcare compliance solutions that cannot be effectively delivered solely by in-person conferences. Physicians do not have time to research the ever-changing healthcare systems, which requires innovators to retain legal counsel to secure basic compliance education. This is a poorly designed economic model for achieving broad dissemination of the tools that U.S. innovators need to successfully create workable private fee healthcare and wellness services models. Productivity and efficiency is lost in this slow and old system and old model does not reach as many innovators. Alternatively, innovators taking short cuts or relying on “Do It Yourself” internet searches for solutions and explanations, without expert peer-reviewed deliverables, was leading to wasteful false starts, lost opportunities and unhelpful misinformation in the U.S. healthcare and wellness marketplace.

The solution? Form a paid subscription live webinar service with active questions and answer sessions so Jim’s presentations are fully available online (rather than via in-person conferences or limited-topic MCLE attorney webinars). Jim’s vision is to have these webinars supplemented with expert guests who can personally expand on each topic through extensive interviews hosted by Jim. These webinars will cover a wider range of subjects, and with the content stored and accessible to subscribers anytime they need it. This platform is expected to assist U.S. healthcare innovators lift-off with more efficiently secured compliance and innovation education. Future projects will include other additional expanded conversations not necessarily focused on healthcare compliance or reform, but on other educational content intended to edify busy professionals.