Jim Eischen has 31 years of experience practicing law, and for the last 9 years he has developed a national reputation as a private direct healthcare and wellness expert. He has a dedicated practice to innovation business planning and he is a well-respected educator and a national conference speaker with a focus on innovative compliance solutions for physicians and healthcare entrepreneurs. He figured there has got to be a better way to more widely distribute the content and better support U.S. healthcare innovation; so he started Lofty Learning.




Zach Eischen is the man behind the camera, helping to make this platform as positive and helpful as possible for Lofty Live Learning, Inc. subscribers. Zach is currently attending college majoring in business administration with a minor in philosophy and has been involved in startups over the past few years. It is his goal to provide an optimal experience while you start your healthcare compliance education and Zach vows to respond to any specific needs to better our content. He looks forward to starting your learning lift-off!




Producer/Project Manager

After graduating from Biola University, Tony began his career as a paralegal.  He dedicated his time and efforts to helping thousands of families and children through the messy world of divorce.  When he decided this stressful career became less than fulfilling, he obtained a master's degree in education from the University of Southern California.  During his studies, he discovered the inequities of the US education system when he started tutoring children from underprivileged communities. 

Tony met Jim Eischen in 2016.  He supported Mr. Eischen’s healthcare practice and he helped him prepare educational material for legal professionals such as those dealing with mental health and addiction. 

Tony’s passions are education and healthcare reform.  He feels that once these fields are reorganized and transformed, the rest will fall into place.  He brings these passions towards the production of the Lofty Learning content.



Operations Manager

Giovanna Longo is a law school graduate who worked at a law firm for over five years before eventually moving to California. Aside from her work at Lofty Learning, she is currently studying for the California BAR exam. Persistent and dedicated, her input plays a key role in our Lofty Learning family as well as aids the Lofty subscribers in a smooth experience with our platform. She welcomes you to Lofty Learning and hopes that you will benefit from the healthcare compliance education.