For an annual subscription fee, Lofty Learning provides monthly live and stored webinars hosted by a national private health expert on healthcare and wellness private fee monetization. We offer a plethora of applicable topics including but not limited to: how US medical practices can compliantly engage in free enterprise delivery of healthcare and wellness services; how enterprise can actually disrupt US healthcare and wellness marketplaces with services and products outside of plan reimbursement (and integrate healthcare professionals); and enterprise support for US healthcare innovators.

Visiting guest speakers will be interviewed on a wide range of healthcare compliance, marketing and technology topics and will be available for live webinar questions and answers. Webinars will be stored and accessible for subscribers so that innovators can, at any time, secure webinar content to help answer or confirm compliance educational content for the flat annual subscription fee. Also, we encourage subscribers to contact us with questions and content suggestions so that we may better suite our platform for you.

With Lofty Learning, you will have access to valuable information available to you 24/7. It is our goal Lofty Learning will deliver live webinars on specific subjects, more frequently, so subscribers interested in specific models (DPC, integrative healthcare, healthcare plan-participatory alternative models, concierge, health data storage and related health coaching/behavior modification models) can secure webinar content focused on their specific industry and practice needs.

Lofty Learning will also expand new lines of educational content beyond healthcare compliance and reform. We expect to offer future streams with relevant and uplifting content intended for professional edification.